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    Vincent Mor, Ph.D., MED

    Vincent Mor, Ph.D., MED, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Community Health at the Brown University School of Medicine and formerly served as the Director of the Brown University Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research. Dr. Mor has been on the faculty of the Department of Community Health since 1981, becoming tenured in 1987. Dr. Mor was one of the founders of the Department's graduate program in 1986 and directed it until becoming chair in 1996.

    Dr. Mor's research focuses on the organizational and health care delivery system factors associated with variation in use of health services, and outcomes experienced by frail and chronically ill persons. Areas of study include: the quality of nursing home care, Medicare funding for post-acute care, the determinants of hospitalization, disease management for cancer patients and age and racial discrimination in health care treatments.

    Dr. Mor has been Principal Investigator of over 20 NIH funded grants focusing on the organizational and health care delivery system factors associated with variation in use of health services and the outcomes frail and chronically ill persons experience. He has had multiple grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Pew Memorial Trust and the Retirement Research Foundation as well as contracts from the Health Care Financing Administration and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation to evaluate the impact of programs and policies in aging and long term care including Medicare funding of hospice, the costs and benefits of day hospital treatment of cancer, patient outcomes in nursing homes, the impact of short term case management for cancer patients, several studies documenting age discrimination in cancer treatment and use of home care services, and a national study of residential care facilities. Over the past 20 years Dr. Mor's research has frequently integrated quantitative and qualitative data, particularly in program evaluations examining the approaches communities, organizations and specific providers use to adjust to health policy changes such as financing and reimbursement or to the emergence of integrated delivery systems.

    He held a MERIT award from NIA for his research on nursing home organizational factors related to facility quality and residents' outcomes for 10 years and was a recipient of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Investigator award to examine the influence of managed care and integrated delivery systems on the strategic decisions of nursing homes and their quality consequences for residents. He examined the effect of state policies on the quality of care provided nursing home residents, including hospitalization, merging primary and secondary data from all nursing facilities throughout the United States. Dr. Mor was recently funded by the NIA for a period of five years to undertake a large Program Project Grant, "Shaping Long Term Care in America". This program involves 3 research and administration cores and 4 separate projects all of which seek to better understand the impact of changing state Medicaid policies on long term care providers and the patients that they serve.


    "White Flight" from US Nursing Homes: The Quality Consequences of Nursing Home Segregation

    Presentation Date

    Princeton Conference XVI: May 21, 2009

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