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    James C. Robinson, Ph.D. 

    James Robinson is Kaiser Permanente Professor of Health Economics at the University of California at Berkeley, chair of the Medical Technology Committee of the Integrated Healthcare Association, and Contributing Editor to Health Affairs journal. At Berkeley, Professor Robinson teaches health policy, economics, and finance, focusing on the hospital, insurance, biotechnology, and medical device sectors.  His research centers on health care markets, insurance, and innovation.  Dr. Robinson has published two books and over 85 papers in scientific and policy journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, and Health Affairs.  At Health Affairs, Dr. Robinson is Contributing Editor, with a focus on expanding the journal’s coverage of policy, payment, and business strategy issues related to health care technology.  Health Affairs is the nation’s leading health policy journal, with over 16 million annual articles downloads from the website and a recognized source of peer-reviewed publications covering domestic and global health issues. At the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA), Dr. Robinson is a member of the Board of Directors and chairs the Medical Technology Committee.  He leads the IHA’s project on value-based purchasing for medical devices in orthopedics and cardiology.  The IHA is a multi-stakeholder organization that brings together major health insurance plans, physician group practices, and hospital systems with a focus on improving the quality and efficiency of care in California.  Its pay-for-performance project provides unified metrics of performance and financial incentives for 225 medical groups, six health insurance plans, and six million consumers in the state of California.


    Consumer-Driven Health Care: Promise and Performance

    Presentation Date

    Princeton Conference XV: May 28, 2008

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