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    David StevensonDavid G. Stevenson, SM, Ph.D.

    David G. Stevenson is an assistant professor of health policy in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School.  His primary research interests are aging, disability, and long-term care. Dr. Stevenson’s recent work has focused on a broad range of topics in long-term care, including long-term-care financing options for the future, the rising use of hospice care among nursing home residents, and the impact of Medicare Part D in the nursing home pharmacy sector.  His previous work has focused on the consumer’s role in nursing home quality, including research on the relationship between nursing home litigation and quality of care, the potential value of consumer complaints data in assessing quality of care, and the use of public reporting to create a market for nursing home quality.
    Dr. Stevenson received a BA from Oberlin College, an SM in health policy management from the Harvard School of Public Health, and a PhD in health policy from Harvard University.  Prior to joining the Department of Health Care Policy in 2004, Dr. Stevenson worked in a variety of policy and research settings, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the University of Washington School of Public Health, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, and the Urban Institute.


    Improving End of Life Care for Nursing Home Residents

    Presentation Date

    Princeton Conference XVII: May 19, 2010

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