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altman-shackman-power-politicsPower, Politics, and Universal Health Care: The Inside Story of a Century-Long Battle (2011)

By Stuart H. Altman and David Shactman

The book chronicles the hundred-year history, from Teddy Roosevelt through Barack Obama, of America’s attempts to enact universal health care. Told through little known anecdotes and historical vignettes, many involving personal experience, it is a lively narrative aimed at pleasing both a general and professional audience. It is one of the first books to place the Obama health plan in historical perspective.

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American Federalism in Practice: The Formulation and Implementation of Contemporary Health Policy (2013)

by Michael Doonan

The book provides a unique perspective on American federalism and U.S. health policy in explaining how intergovernmental relations shape public policy in health as well as other critical areas. Lessons learned from his exploration of federal state relations across the policy process are used to make a range of recommendations for implementing of national health care reform under President Obama.

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Policies for an Aging Society: Confronting the Economic and Political Challenges (2002)

Edited by Stuart H. Altman and David Shactman
One in eight Americans today is over the age of 65, and the proportion will increase dramatically in the future. The aging of the population has begun to drive tax and budget decisions and the federal policy agenda, as policy makers and voters look ahead to enormous demands on the health and income security programs.
In the book, based on papers presented at the Council's 1999 Landsowne Conference, Council Chair Stuart H. Altman and Council Project Director David Shactman have gathered experts in public and health policy, economics, law, and management to identify the salient issues and explore realistic options. From positions ranging from liberal to conservative, the contributors take a wide view of the philosophical, economic, and programmatic aspects of the social protection programs for elderly Americans. They ask broad questions and propose integrated conceptions of how our society can best provide for the needs of its aging population.

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Regulating Managed Care: Theory, Practice and Future Options (1999)

Edited by Stuart H. Altman, Uwe E. Reinhardt and David Shactman
What should be the government's role in a market-oriented health care system? This book offers the rare opportunity to listen while the foremost experts debate this critical social issue. It also provides background on the issue, summarizes key survey findings on how Americans feel about managed care, reviews what areas are thought to need regulation, and examines the effect of proposed regulation on various areas of the health system.
The book is based on papers delivered at the Fifth Princeton Conference held in March, 1998. The book focuses on the timely topic of managed care regulation, and includes informed analysis and commentary from a variety of viewpoints.

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The Future U.S. Healthcare System: Who Will Care for the Poor and Uninsured? (1997)

Edited by Stuart H. Altman, Uwe E. Reinhardt, and Alexandra E. Shields
After the rejection of national healthcare reform, the U.S. healthcare system remains in flux. The tens of millions of uninsured Americans, and the severe strains on employer-provided coverage represent the most critical challenge facing our system. This book gathers the leading experts in health policy to examine the options for improving health care access to those without coverage.

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