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Princeton Conference XV (2008)

Can Payment and Other Innovations Improve the Quality and Value of Health Care?

May 27-28, 2008

The Fifteenth Princeton Conference was held at The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton, NJ on May 28-29, 2008. This conference is the third in a series that Stuart Altman, Council on Health Care Economics and Policy, and Chip Kahn, Federation of American Hospitals, have developed over the last four years. The Council on Health Care Economics and Policy, John Iglehart, Health Affairs, and the Federation of American Hospitals, along with a number of others, co-sponsored these events. The purpose of this year’s conference was to examine the potential effects of payment and non-payment innovations on improving the quality and value of health care.

The 2008 Princeton Conference examined ways to drive the delivery of care toward greater quality and value by evaluating a number of initiatives. The effort to get both the care and payment “right” is reflected in the spreading use of clinical care measurement and reporting, and pay-for-performance as well as Medicare payment reform. Non-payment related initiatives such as mandatory reporting requirements and the broader use of information technology targeted at increasing quality and value are appearing in numerous marketplaces. There were a total of 10 sessions, which included:

  • Moving toward a higher quality, more efficient health care system
  • Are the techniques with which we have been experimenting moving us towards our goals of improved quality and efficiency?
  • Measures
  • The right level of accountability
  • International Innovations to Improve the Quality and Value of Health Care
  • Transforming the Payment System
  • Current Market Forces Influencing Improved Efficiencies
  • Health Information Technology
  • Where do we go from here?


Princeton Conference XV Agenda

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Princeton Conference XV Speaker Bios


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